A New Style Of Leadership In God’s Mind

Dearly beloved brothers and sisters  let us know this that as far as God is concerned, the days of one man ministry is over. God is raising a corporate man (a many-member-man) today.

David’s leadership style was completely different from that of Saul. David had a band of men he was committed to; he was in covenant relationship with these men. He was committed to the men and the men were committed to him. Let me quickly say at this  point that apart from the eldership that function in a plural form always at the local levels, there are governments which operate in the entire body of Christ to bless the body and bring them to perfection this is what we know as the fivefold ministries, in Ephesians Chapter 4:8-13. These are not titles; they are ministries, gifts of men. These gifts were first given to Nimrod  who was the first man that began to build kingdoms. Gen 10:8 And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. Nimrod was an extremely powerful personality. His ego was constructed in such a way to make him tower above everyone else (verse 10) “And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel (Babylon)……” Go to, let us build us a city and a tower whose top may reach unto God eventually God came down to stop them from achieving this goal but this was the beginning of the tower of Babel. This is the beginning of Babylon.

Babylon today is a spirit. It represents a system where man rules and not the spirit of God. Babylon represents man’s way, method, and man’s design to reach out God. Yet man’s way can never be God’s way. Flesh and blood can never inherit the kingdom of God. The arm of the flesh will most certainly fail.

One main characteristics of the Babylonia system is the one-man rule. Usually in most denominations the president or the founder of the church builds an aura around himself usually through teachings on authority and discipleship in the church to the point where God’s people are intimidated and live in fear of rebellion against constituted authority, a leadership that insists that people must submit to it is a leadership that throws spears. It is a Saul kind of leadership and can never lead God’s people into perfection. Those who followed David were fugitives like him, worthless lot, liars, and rebellious men. They were men who will fight authority figures any day. Unsolicited, they began to follow David. He never spoke to them about authority and submission yet they submitted to him. He laid down no rules. Nevertheless these men cleaned up their lives. David made it to the throne through the support of these men. Oh that the church may learn what true authority and submission really is. Shalom!





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