Be Renewed In The Spirit Of Your Mind Part 2

Our heavenly father we  thank  you, we bless you for your mercies, for issuing  out from your wells and springs of eternity, that these waters will spring forth and flow into streams of eternity, Lord  let  these words, provoke eternity in us and  let the entrance of  your word gives us light; let it give understanding, let it bring restoration, healing and deliverance in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Back to our Scriptural  meditation  Eph 4:23 which says “And be renewed in the spirit of your mind”.

 Eph 5:14-16 “wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, for the days are evil”.

 Apostle Paul was appealing to the Ephesians  believers to wake up and realize the dangerous condition in which they were in. Now he is referring to you and i. By referring to these days been evil, he was communicating his sense of urgency because of evil pervasiveness. If Paul could say these in his own time, then you need no prophet to tell you the degree and magnitude of the present evil in our time. Therefore we need the same sense of urgency even more because the day in which we are in is more evil than what Paul spoke of.

It simply means that we must keep our standard high, act wisely in doing that which is good and right in order to shun evil.

A song says I know the LORD will make a way for me.(2x)

He that live a holy life shun the wrong and do the right,

I know the LORD will make away for me.

The emphasis here is; we have lost the comprehension of what God’s word is intended to do. Words are spiritual design to do something in ones life, when words are spoken to you; you need to be conscious of the spiritual thing that is going on.

When the Bible says “be sober”. It means that you should be conscious of the reality what is happening around you. The enemy is coming at us with thoughts, with words, and this is going on continuously, and it keeps coming, and coming, the enemy keeps talking and talking, he may back off a while, but then he comes back and continue talking until something breaks down within your system.

We have to wake up friends. Sometimes we are too at home in this world. We ought to be getting ready to flee. You ought to be conscious. Remember when the children of Israel where getting ready to leave Egypt. That is where we are right now. Whatever you are doing, make sure that your sandals are on your feet, your bag on your back, even if you are working, make sure you gird up your loins, because any moment, you will be required to move. A time conscious must come to us,  we (our souls) are about to be raptured, figuratively speaking, from their realm of carnality into its place with Jesus Christ (the holy of holies), your soul is about to leave this frequency, the things of this world that used to attract  you before will lose its attraction. Glory Hallelujah.

 You will no longer admire or be attracted to them. You know sometimes we admire certain individuals. I remember when I was a child, I used to admire some persons, but today I look back and I wonder, what on earth I saw in such persons. At a point they looked attractive, but oh not any more. Time comes in life, as you begin to see as your eyes open  you  realize that, favour is deceitful and beauty is vain (Prov 31:30).

Initially we admired the unclean but now the attraction is lost, what do you think has happened? Your eyes are changing, your frequency is also changing. Praise the Lord. You respond to the things that are in your frequency, the more you look up, the more those things in the frequency before you are no longer having influence over you. When a man is struggling with certain things, “identity” for instance, you are trying to find out what is beautiful, what is acceptable. You know, this is a major problem young people have today. Look, whether you believe it or not the world is trying to define things for you. Every magazine you open, or things you hear are bombarding you, trying to make you to confirm to an image of what they think, you accept as beautiful e.g the thought may be, if you are shaped like a broom stick, you are beautiful, and you begin to diet, and fret so  that you will be like a broom stick. (for goodness sake why should you look like a malnourished, broom stick?). This manipulation is the greatest witchcraft.

You see a man standing by a sports car, a Ferrari for instance, dressed in a particular way and you are told “this is the image of success”. It sticks in your mind, you want to be like that and gradually all you do is geared towards living up to that image of success. The enemy does this to us every day. Every day new things are coming out. For instance someone comes around wearing torn Jean trouser in the name of fashion; and you are told that is the latest and suddenly, you begin to like it. The devil brings up all sorts of irrelevant thoughts and ideas geared to manipulate and control you. This is sorcery at its highest level.

May the LORD help us to make conscious effort in renewing our minds through His word daily. Shalom!

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