Deep Thoughts On The End Of This Present Age

Deep Thoughts On The End Of This Present Age

Truly, without doubt, most assuredly, the end of the age is here with us. Consequently, what manner of persons ought we to be?

seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness 2 Peter 3:11

What is our hope, seeing that all things shall be burnt with everlasting fire. The present heaven and earth shall come under combustion, intense burning. The elements (the rudiments, principles, philosophies that support and uphold the present world economic, political and religious order even Babylon) shall come under judgment by fire (God’s anger that burns like a lake of fire burning with brimstone and sulphur).

 Economic and political postulation of world peace and development shall crumble like pack of potatoes. The wisdom of the wise shall be corrupted. Certainly,  the sun and moon and stars of this present world order shall cease to give their lights for they shall be darkened. AND THE SIGN OF THE COMING OF THE SON OF MAN SHALL APPEAR IN THE HEAVEN IN THOSE DAYS. Note, it did not say, “the coming of the Son of man”  but the SIGN. Brethren, it is time to look into the heavens to see the SIGN. May we see it, know it, understand it. May we not forget our ENSIGN.

Therefore, my beloved, if you desire to see a “sign” of the coming of the Lord, look not to the depressing, negative, corrupted conditions in the earth today. Wickedness, licentiousness, violence, war, and ever-increasing sorrows are NOT signs of the Lord’s appearing, as the ministers of Babylon mistakenly proclaim. Those negative conditions are merely signs that we have reached the crisis, the turning point in the long night of man’ s rebellion and misrule. But the “sign” of the SON OF MAN IN HEAVEN is the sign of the birth of God’s manchild, the maturity of the enChristed, the coming upon the scene of the overcoming sons of God who hold within their experience the answer, the solution to the ills and despair of sin-cursed humanity.

Keep your eye on GOD’S ELECT, my friend. As full maturity, perfection, strength, and the Glory of the Lord arise upon them- a GREAT WONDER SHALL APPEAR IN HEAVEN. A new RULING GOVERNMENT of Christ IN HIS BODY shall appear on the scene, authority and power in the prophetic “heavens”.

The saints of the Most High shall TAKE THE KINGDOM, and possess the Kingdom for ever…and the Kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the Kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to THE PEOPLE OF THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH…and all dominions shall serve and obey Him. Hitherto is the END of the matter” (Dan. 7:18, 27-28).

May the Lord grant us help at this time!

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