Jesus And The Demoniacs At The Tomb (Part 2)

Jesus And The Demoniacs At The Tomb (Part 2)

We are still on our study on the encounter  of Jesus and the demoniacs at the tomb with these Scriptural references Matthew 8:28-32 & Mark 5:1-17 we are trusting the Lord to lead us by His Spirit as we open up our minds to learn from Him.

Today we are considering another aspect of the demoniacs at the tomb .

The personalities within us will manifest, when the Right conditions are created

This man manifested that which was within him. This things we are dealing with is, are in our personalities, it goes beyond the external. And in this time, God is going beyond the external to what is in the inside. God is going to who you are, and what you are. The man’s personality was that of a lunatic (smitten by the moon). May you receive wisdom to make haste, so that you will manifest the right faith, when the time comes.

Spiritually there will be a time when the night season, will release the power of the moon (spiritually speaking i.e. powers of darkness), and men will manifest given the right circumstance, what is in them. (E.g. you go into a shop, you did not plan to buy anything, but by the time you leave the shop, you have 2 or 3 bags full of goods). What do you think has happened? Influences had come upon the desires in your soul, which you could not resist, hence they many bags. There are influences, brethren. There are things working within the nature of a man, that we need to be very conscious of and God wants to address and deal with these things from within.

The influence of the power of darkness is what we are talking about. What do you think influences a tradition like that which is found in Liberia, called decoration day (a day set aside when men including Christians who do not know their stand in God go and decorate the graves of their relatives. They have picnics at the tombs of the dead and that day is a national holiday). You may not have a decorative day, but you may have tradition that equally honours the dead. It is one and the same thing, and the worship or reverence of the dead, which the Lord abhors. One thing you should know, the soul and body are connected. The body is mere a vehicle that the soul and the spirit function with.

If your spirit is operating from the heavens, you are connected to God, and you draw life from the heavens (i.e. the realm where God is). So what you do with your body matters. When the glory of God, begins to flow down into you, it will show on your face. You become changed and the same goes to those whose souls are drawing life from satanic spirits. If you watch those who play masquerade, when the drums beat, their visage change, why? The spirits are actually expressing themselves using their bodies.

It is written “as many as are led by the spirit, they are the sons of God”. The Holy Spirit wants to bring us under His total control. Those who are under the control of the moon are termed lunatics. So the lunatic is not just the man on the road but the lunatic could also be a Christian who is given over to his passion. The Bible enjoins us to “be sober” i.e. have self control, and soundness of the mind. In other words, have the sound mind of sanity and self control.

So God is actually raising a people who in all their ways, in all their reactions, in all their goings are controlled by God’s Spirit. The opposite of this, is the situation of this man who is a lunatic (struck or influenced by the moon i.e. the night seasons)

May the LORD grant us understanding in order to escape whatever typify lunatic condition in our lives in Jesus name. AMEN.

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