The Account Of The Book Of Luke Lesson 11

Bible Study Lesson 11- Luke Chapter 1:34-38

Recap of Lesson 10

In our last study we considered the angel’s word to Mary that she would bring forth a Son and call His Name JESUS. We looked at this in the present light and saw that the Lord will bring forth Sons who will be saviours from Mount Zion spoken of in Obadiah and the intent of the enemy to frustrate this as revealed in Revelations 12. We also saw that the birth process is not only fraught with travail, but that there is need for violent commitment to take this kingdom realm by violence as stated by the Lord Himself in Mathew 12.

Again, we saw that these Sons will like their Master, the Lord Jesus, be great and shall be called the sons of God. This greatness is not in the sight of men by before the Lord our God.

Finally, we looked at the fact that the Lord Jesus rules over all of the house of Jacob and today, He rules over His Church no matter what name they have called themselves or even when they have no name for to Him, there is but ONE CHURCH.

Luke 1:34

Here we see Mary ask how this promise will come to pass seeing she has known no man. This beloved is the very thing that qualifies us for the overshadowing of the Lord’s Spirit, that we know no man. Just as Mary knew no man, we also the Church of God to qualify to come into the estate of those who will birth this seed of Christ in us, must forsake the current prevailing focus upon man who are but ministers of our God.

Of the Lord our Saviour it is written in Isaiah 53:2 For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; H1926 and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desirehim”. No man desired Him and He knew no man for He hath no form nor magnificence and so became the perfect candidate for the overshadowing and abiding presence of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit’s specialty is in turning the formless and void man and circumstances of life into conquerors and overcomers, giving form, structure and life to that which was once hopeless. See what He did with creation in Genesis 1 and all the men in scriptures who knew no men or had the help of man but the Lord’s like Abraham, Lot, Isaac, Joseph etc.

Discuss one Bible Character whom you believe knew no man.

We must not allow our knowledge of men or relationship with them distort, colour, limit, mitigate or destroy what God has said to us specifically and personally from His Word and by His Spirit. We have no need that any man teach us for the unction that we have received abideth in us, teaching us all things and is truth – 1 John 2:27.

Does this mean we do not need teachers of the word? Of course not. It simply means that what matters most is that we must like the Berean Christians, take back every word we receive from men to the Lord searching the scriptures for ourselves and getting the instruction we have heard confirmed directly to our hearts by the Holy Spirit Himself who is the anointing that abides in us – Read Acts 17:10-13.

Also consider the Samaritans who heard the word of the woman at the well and went off to hear the Lord for themselves and said, ‘Now we believe, not because of thy saying: for we have heard him ourselves and KNOW that this is indeed the Christ.’  John 4:39-42.

Luke 1:35

This verse reveals the promise of the Lord that once we qualify ourselves by looking unto Him who is the author and finisher of our faith without depending on men for their interpretation and or explanation of God, He will, by His Holy Spirit, overshadow us, giving us His seed which shall come forth as Sons of God.

Whatever is brought forth by the overshadowing of the Spirit of God in and upon our lives, is always holy – ‘therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee..’ Now why would the angel use the phrase ‘that holy thing‘ when he knew he was announcing the birth of a person and not just an ordinary person but the Lord of glory Himself?

We believe, that it is because ‘WHATSOEVER IS BORN OF GOD OVERCOMETH THE WORLD’ – 1John 5:4 (Read). This passage concludes thus – ‘AND this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our Faith’.

The word AND is a conjunction that joins two sentences or thought lines together showing their inter-relation or dependence on one another to achieve the fullness of the intent being expressed. Therefore, when we consider the second part of the sentence, it gives us the completion of the first part’s declaration and how that first part comes to be fulfilled.

The emphasis on the first part is WHATSOEVER (animate and inanimate, tangible and intangible, spiritual or temporal are all WHATSOEVER). Now if this be so, then as long as these be birthed. begun or authored by the Lord God, they will overcome the world upon the application of our faith or belief that the things or subject matter and their direction come from God.

Immediately we believe as Mary did and that holy THING became a Son, so also, once we believe that which the Lord speaks to us or interprets to us DIRECTLY after we have heard others preach, say or minister it, that word which we have believed though it be a thing that is intangible or seemingly abstract, immediately begins a process to manifestation into a tangible and real entity that overcomes every obstacle in its path. This is so because, IT IS A HOLY THING which is born of God in and through us.

Luke 1:36

Here we see the angel inform Mary about the miracle that the Lord has done for Elisabeth. Two things are revealed here

  1. The Lord knows and hears what others say about us and our situation. We read the angel say of Elisabeth, ‘she who was called barren’. It reveals that Elisabeth’s condition of childlessness had made her neighbours change her name from that of covenant which God gave her to another called Barren. Barren had become her name to them, her description and we can only imagine how she had felt for so long, losing hope and most things in between save her Faith in God which overcomes the world.

So also in these times, as many as will walk with the Lord in truth and unwaveringly, will have their names changed into all manner of ridiculous things but we take heart from this verse that the Lord hears the reproach and will come into the situation no matter how long it takes.

  1. The Lord knows we need to have our Faith encouraged so He is in the business of doing miracles for others so we can be bolstered up to walk in our faith to receive our miracles. Therefore, knowing this, we should rejoice with others when they enter into their miracles and instead of being envious in our hearts asking Lord why them and not me, we should rather be saying Lord because you did it for so and so, Lord let me also qualify for your visitation. Genuine testimonies of God’s visitation to others we know is meant to be a spring board for the motivation of our faith and not an occasion for the manifestation of envy which in itself is a recipe for non-receipt of the very things we hope for. If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me – Psalm 66:18.

Luke 1:37

For with God nothing shall be impossible. This is a statement of not only fact, but of truth. It goes to confirm the intent of the Lord in referring Mary to the visitation of Elisabeth as the angel needed her faith level to not only be revved up, but to be anchored in something that can be proved.

In these times when many false claims and prophets abound, the Lord enjoins us to PROVE ALL THINGS. If a Pastor or Minister of God where you presently fellowship or attend Church gets upset because you ask for proof of something he has said, get out of there fast because even God Himself, knowing the requirement for proof that He has set, also subjected Himself to furnishing proof to Mary of His ability to do the impossible by Elisabeth’s pregnancy in very old age.

The distinction why the angel would classify Zacharias’ same question as doubt and therefore leave him dumb till the fulfilment of his word, is because Zacharias already had proof of God’s ability in such matters in at least one person, Sarah the mother of us all.

Please note that when there is written proof of God’s previous performance of an act we seek from Him, any queries we may raise after He has spoken on the issue is an expression of doubt and not a request for confirmation. If it is written as having been done, it is the proof that what we have heard or been told and believe WILL COME TO PASS because WHATSOEVER IS BORN OF GOD, OVERCOMES THE WORLD. This means it will keep standing even when every other thing around us is failing or passed away.

Is your marriage born of God, no matter what it seems like presently, it will overcome the current circumstances you face for it is a holy thing and will become victorious.

Is your business authored by God, no matter the present financial and business lull, it will overcome and be victorious.

Is your ministry born of God yet it does not seem to be growing and you have chosen to remain faithful without seeking manipulative and sometimes diabolic ways to make it thrive, fear not it will overcome and be great IN THE SIGHT OF THE LORD.

It is ‘in the sight of the Lord’ that matters beloved Brethren and not the thought or sight of men. When this becomes our focus, then the impossible and seemingly failing becomes the possible and tangible38

‘And Mary said, behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word’. Let us therefore like Mary go on and say to that which is born of and authored by God in us, be it unto me ACCORDING TO THY WORD. It is this submission to that which is born of, begun, authored and commenced by God that overcomes the world. Let us therefore go and overcome. Amen.

Prayer Points:

  1. Teach us to wait to look to you to author everything we do. Teach us to hear your word on every matter. Open our ears and eyes Lord
  2. Be it unto us according to thy Word Lord. In any place where Lord we have doubted what you have told us or are struggling to believe, please grant help. Lead us to the proof of your word either in your word or from trusted and proven believers. Deliver our hearts from all envy and doubt that may be hindering us from even now entering in to receive your promises.
  3. Lord come upon us and overshadow us by your Holy Spirit and power and cause us to see only you and no man. Teach us to prove your word by ourselves and instruct us by your Holy Spirit.
  4. Pray for the Church of God that we may come to His feet to hear for ourselves even as the Berean Christians and the people of Samaria did so we be not tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine that blows.


Lord we proclaim you now of your mighty works and awesome Majesty,

Lord come upon us now and release your power and let your presence fall.

Chorus – O Lord, o Lord, o Lord (2ce)

 Release your power, and let your presence fall .

Kindly let us know your opinion on our study so far. Shalom!
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