The North Wind Is Blowing Over The Garden Of God.

God also sends the Spirit, as the north wind, to blow upon every relationship in our lives; upon those relationships we deem harmless, but which are not of the Spirit nor of God’s will, and come between the reality and us, sapping the life of sonship out of us, and robbing the inheritance of God.  Upon every relationship that is not of His choosing and to His glory, He sends the strong north wind!  He separates us from everyone and everything that is hindering the maturity of HIS LIFE; He blows upon our human affections, and before His north wind our soulish attachments wither and die.

  Not one thing of eternal value that has been inworked in our lives can be harmed by the north wind of God’s testing and proving, which only blasts and withers the superficial and unfruitful; and the sooner they fall off the better.  The sooner we see ourselves stripped of our self-confidence and blindness, our false hopes and delusion that we are far beyond the place to which we have really attained in God, the better!

He blows upon our involvement with religious systems, our feverish religious activities, our running hither and thither doing the so-called work of the Lord, our trotting from meeting to meeting, from preacher to preacher, from revival to revival, and before His north wind the anointing upon these avenues of service lifts and we are left with a bare branch from which the superficial beauty and fragrance has been stripped.  It is the strong blasts of the north wind that drive our roots down deeper and deeper into the soil of HIS LIFE, until that which has gone down and out of sight, is greater and stronger than that which appears on the surface.

We are astonished to behold some of the most beautiful blossoms of our lives drop off; those in which we had placed much confidence!  But the blasts of God’s wind which destroy the fruitless blossoms, also cause the roots of true spiritual life to go down deeper INTO CHRIST; and they become firmly rooted and grounded IN HIM.  Thus stripped and with our roots going deeper and deeper into the Christ within, we learn to take the time to wait on God long enough for HIS LIFE TO ARISE WITHIN US, long enough to hear HIM SPEAK, and have Him divulge HIS WILL to our seeking heart!

To every apprehended son of God who has purposed in his heart to follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth, God will send the searching north wind of the Spirit that his garden may be stripped and prepared for fruitfulness in the kingdom of God.  When He has dealt with everything, He will send the south wind of the Spirit in wooing and encouragement, in warm showers of faith and glory and victory, which will refresh and entice the fruitful buds to come out and develop into the fruit of the Christ-life.  The more testings the Lord sends, the stronger the searching north wind blows upon our garden, the more spices and fruit are perfected, and the more fragrance and glory flow forth from our lives!—

May the Lord help us Amen!

From our own well beloved brother Uwem Ekaette,he is a motivational speaker,inspirational writer, Author, teacher and Entrepreneur

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