The Truth About Rapture Unravelled

This doctrine call RAPTURE a “catching away” or a “caught up” at the LAST TRUMP to meet THE LORD in THE AIR and then it adds,  SO SHALL WE EVER BE, you need to understand the use of allegories and metaphors in ancient and modern writings. This helps you to capture the underlying truth beyond the letters of the writings. For instance I have heard a preacher in a bid to drive home his rapture doctrine said, the last trump was Donald Trump. Well that might sound a bit too childish. What about those who posit that it’s a literal trumpet to be blown by angels.

Some even give graphics description of angels they saw in visions or dreams or even heavenly tourist with trumpet waiting to sound for rapture to happen. Now the church is waiting for the LAST TRUMPET to sound. If there is a last, it means there must have been a first, a second or a third trumpet of angels. Have they heard such sequences of trumpets and now have to anticipate the last? Of a truth, these other sequence of trumpets have already been sounded and non was a literal trumpet as there is no such record in the world of angels floating in the sky with trumpets.

This doctrine talks of a sounding of trumpets since this be not a literal trumpet, what kind of trumpet is it then? Rev 4 gives you a clue that it is a talking trumpet.

After this  I  looked,  and,  behold,  a  door was  opened in  heaven:  and  the  first  voice  which  I  heard  was  as  it  were of  a trumpet talking  with me; which said, Come up hither, and  I  will  show  thee  things  which  must  be  hereafter.  And immediately  I  was  in  the  spirit:  and,  behold,  a  throne  was set  in  heaven,  and  one  sat  on  the  throne.  And  he  that  sat was  to  look  upon  like  a  jasper  and  a  sardine  stone:  and there  was  a  rainbow  round  about  the  throne,  in  sight  like unto an emerald. (Rev.4:1-3)

          How can a trumpet talk with someone?

So if it has to do with talking, it is a message, a dispensational Gospel that is sharp and powerful to the dividing of the souls and the joints and marrow and the intends of the heart (Heb 4:12). Blessed are they who hear this gospel and give themselves to it. This trumpet gospel shall bring about a division or separation of souls and all entanglement even to changes in their genetics of them that shall run with it. Glory to God! When such genetics changes the power of death is broken over them. To such , the second dead has no power over them. Blessed are they which come into this experience. It is called the first resurrection.

Talking Trumpet says “come up hither” so now you see why those who hear this trumpet will be “caught up” to a throne set in the heavens for them. They are to be looked upon as jasper and sardine stone just like the Lord himself. I could continue later in talking about the rising of the dead and signs that indicates the time of these events.  This means, for this Trumpet to talk, He must be a messenger.  And what he talks about is the message that calls forth a people to a higher height till they receive a crown of life… Which is the highest kind of life.. THE GOD KIND OF LIFE. ZOE

My beloved friends knowing about the RESURRECTION is not as important as partaking in the FIRST RESURRECTION. And to partake of it requires MUCH MORE than our limited understanding in this body for we still see darkly as shadows in the mirror, which Apostle Paul says:

For now we see through a glass (mirror), darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known (1 Corinth. 13:12)

Therefore my beloved friends i show you a more excellent and acceptable WAY TO ATTAIN TO THAT GLORIOUS TRANSFORMATION. It is in this that the Jesus says: EXCEPT A CORN OF WHEAT FALLS DOWN AND DIES IT ABIDES ALONE…( John 12:24 KJV). Therefore we must die to our self life (flesh) and Christ must live. The Greeks sought audience with Jesus. The Greeks were known for their knowledge and debate but Jesus sent word to the Greeks that except they give up their self life which includes submitting their intellect to God it would profit them nothing. So to attain this my beloved friends is only possible in the place of prayer and fasting and studying the WORD OF GOD which only God alone can bring  a man  to this experience after seeing his heart cry.

May the LORD  give us understanding. Shalom!!!

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