The True Ministry

There are three words in the Greek given for the word “to know.” Ginosko, which means to know by experience. Epiginosko means full knowledge. Oida means absolute knowledge. To be of real benefit to the hearers, a message must come from experience. It must come by revelation. It must be full knowledge, it must come by revelation. To be honest, and perhaps a little blunt, there is a lot of preaching going on in our churches and groups which is not worthy the agony of enduring an hour to listen to them. God is ultimately going to raise messengers who will be one with their message” or parroting others but a state of being merged into oneness with Him, becoming truth personified, having passed through the death process into His resurrection life. This indeed is what all servants of God have been called into. John 5:19 “Verily, verily I say unto you, the son can do nothing, but what he seeth the father do: for what thing soever he seeth, these also doeth the son likewise.” We must understand that Ministry is not merely preaching or teaching. Ministry is not raising denominations and setting up branches of churches all over the country. Ministry is the shinning forth of Christ from our life. The question many of the so called Bishops, Reverends and pastors, should ask themselves this: am I emanating Christ? Am I transmitting Christ? Is Christ coming through my teachings and preaching? Are people sensing Christ in my denomination b? The truth must be said to all sincere believers that without any public gift, without any human ordination or titles, without you starting your own ministry or your own church, you can be ministering Christ. Ministering Christ is the source and the hallmark of all true ministries from beginning to the end. Ministry is ministering Christ. It is the vision of the LORD Jesus Christ that is the nature of the ministry, the source of the ministry and the dynamics of all true ministries. For all true ministry must issue and proceed from an inshining of Divine light revealing Jesus Christ. True ministry has nothing to do with building kingdoms and exalting man. True ministry has nothing to do with gigantic buildings. True ministry has everything to do with God, revealing His Son in us. This indeed is the secret of true ministry. The only solution to these problems is for the church to look inwards. It is time for us to take a second look at our expansionist or church planting strategies; it is time for to re-assess our methods of evangelism, and to re-evaluate our motives for ministry. It is time for us to seek for due order, it is time to seek for the divine pattern in ministry. We must be willing to know the extent of the mixture in the church and in our character. We must see ourselves the way God sees us and then only can our hearts grieve over the great evil in the church and then we can repent so that God can have mercy upon us, for what the eye does not see, the heart will not grieve over. “ Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind and naked” (Rev 3:17).

May the Lord help us to have the knowledge from above and flee from man made ministry in Jesus name. Amen

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