Your Concept Of Marriage Is Going To Make or Mar You (part 2)

Your Concept Of Marriage Is Going To Make or Mar You (part 2)
Marriage is a service to God. Marriage was created by God. That means, God is the one who knows the purpose of marriage and how it should be run. Your concept of marriage will make or mar you.
Brace yourself for this truth : marriage is hard work.
You must have the right mindset to have a successful marriage. Many women think that marriage is enjoyment at every moment, and it’s a big shock to find out that it’s not all rosy.
One wrong and unrealistic expectation some women have of marriage is that it is a means to end poverty.
So they go into it expecting to relax and be taken care of.  Yes, it’s not wrong at all to hope to have a rich husband, but you can still be richer than your husband and nothing will spoil; you just have to work on your mindset.

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Another one is the belief that your husband will make you happy. A lot of women are totally dependent on their husbands for their happiness, but this is unrealistic for several reasons. Your husband is not perfect, there’s no way he’ll make you happy every second.
He has his own problems, and he can’t be making you happy when he’s unhappy himself. Also, he may not always be around: he could be at to work, he could be a traveller, he could be working abroad; what would you do then? Remain unhappy? No! This is why it is important to be in a close relationship with God. Your happiness should lie in God and not any man.
To have a successful marriage, you must learn patience.
Love is patient.
Marriage means you both become one. You complement each other. You’re strong where he’s weak and vice versa. Love does not insist on its own. Sometimes compromise a little.
You don’t have to be overbearing. Of course, your opinion or advice about a matter could be right, but allow him learn on his own sometimes. Next time, he’d definitely value your words.
Marriage is two people nurturing and building each other.
Avoid comparing your husband to other men. Tell yourself that you married the best man in the world, and believe it. Accept him with his strengths and weaknesses. See his weaknesses as yours; that way, you’ll feel the need to encourage and push him to greatness.
While it’s good to hope for a better future for your husband, you should love him as he currently is. Do not marry with the hopes of changing a man; if you can’t deal with how he is presently, don’t marry him.
Marriage is not for babies, it is for mature people who can handle their problems without third-party intervention, although there are times when it might be necessary to reach out for help.
Marriage is a covenant between two people. You both need to have a strong bond to run it effectively. This bond is what will help you raise godly children with one mind.
Grumbling and complaining about your marriage to everybody; opening the door for people to disrespect your spouse; lack of unity and making plans separately are all signs of a marriage that isn’t for God.
Since God is the one who made marriage, let us not fail to ask for His help and grace for this journey.
 Dr.Oby Nnamani and Dr.Agatha Nzeribe

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